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Frontend Developer


In 2016 we launched a new bike sharing system in Oslo, beating most international records for usage and utilisation.

This was just the beginning.

Now we're expanding to multiple cities, launching new platforms and products.

Our team

  • We’re building an in-house team of software developers to make the next generation sharing platform, that can handle multiple cities with bikes and other shared infrastructure.
  • Our aim is a highly automated, developer friendly software platform  where you can work on interesting development challenges, and go out and try the system you’ve made in the streets.
  • You will be working with our team of backend and native app developers, as well as with external consultants.

Our stack

  • State-less, server-side rendered front-end applications written in React with Redux. Communicating with back-end through GraphQL
  • Cloud-centric architecture, running on Google Cloud Platform, with Google PubSub handling most of the data flow, and persistence handled by Data Store and BigQuery.
  • Both business logic and presentation handled mainly by NodeJS/Express-applications.
  • All parts are containerized and managed for scale and reliability by Kubernetes. Continuous integration handled by CircleCI.

We’re looking for multiple people that

  • Is comfortable creating non-trivial web apps, made up of modules (or atoms/molecules/organisms/components/whatever), not pages.
  • You can come from the HTML/CSS or the JavaScript side – or both – but anyway:
  • You should know what to do when you see a React module. 

… and it’s nice if you

  • Have worked with creating and/or maintaining style guides (at least if you're the CSS-y kind of front-end developer).
  • Have experience in automated testing / continuous integration of web apps
  • Knows how to measure and optimize high performance user interfaces.
  • Aspire to step up,down and/or sideways in the stack, from usability testing and design to core business logic and machine learning.

either way you should …

  • Be fluent in English as working language
  • Enjoy working as part of a team.
  • Write testable, understandable and sustainable code.
  • Be motivated by creating software that creates real value and makes a difference.

This is a full-time position, located at our offices in Oslo, next door to the Central Station.

We can offer

  • A chance to create new digital products for a startup with international ambitions.
  • Flexibility and freedom.
  • Competitive compensation.
  • Join a start-up, yet with the security of solid financial foundation, multi-year contracts with cities and backing from serious investors.




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