A platform for shared micromobility. Read our insights here.

Urban Sharing  is the Norwegian technology startup behind a multi-vehicle platform which powers shared micromobility systems, including one of the world’s most efficient bike sharing schemes, Oslo City Bike. In less than two years we've grown to running our tech in multiple cities including Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Edinburgh, UK.

Around the globe cities are racing to adapt to population increases and unsustainable traffic congestion, where cars have surpassed their peak long ago. Micromobility has rushed in to fill the void, at times only adding to a city’s chaos. Most cities are not equipped to adapt to the pace demanded by global trends, and they need help in optimizing their urban areas for better micromobility infrastructure.

Urban Sharing believes that a multi-modal approach to transportation, where micromobility plays a vital role, is key to navigating this new urban reality. For this approach to succeed, it is essential for micromobility solutions to establish a close relationship with a city, where data is open and collaboration thrives