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Front-End Developer


Our team

  • We’re growing our team of software developers building a sharing platform that support multiple cities with city bikes and other shared assets.
  • Our goal is a highly-automated, developer-friendly software platform where you can work on interesting development challenges, and then be able to go out into the streets and try the system you’ve made.
  • You will be collaborating mostly with backend and native app developers, but our team also includes electrical engineers, product designers, data scientists and more, building the end-to-end service.

Our stack

  • State-less, server-side rendered front-end applications written in React with Flowtype. Communicating with back-end through GraphQL via Apollo.
  • User interface component library developed in-house. Components are styled using styled-components and is shared between public and internal web applications.
  • All software running on Google Cloud Platform, with Google Pub Sub handling most of the data flow, and persistence handled by Postgres and BigQuery.
  • Both business logic and presentation handled mainly by NodeJS/Express-applications.
  • All parts are containerized and managed for scale and reliability by Kubernetes. Continuous integration handled by CircleCI.
  • Integration with various 3rd party services, such as Sanity as CMS and Sentry for error tracking.

We’re looking for multiple people that

  • Are comfortable creating non-trivial web apps, made up of modules (or atoms/molecules/organisms/components/whatever), not pages.
  • Can come from the HTML/CSS or the JavaScript side – or both – but anyway:
  • You should know what to do when you see a React module. 

… and it’s nice if you

  • Have worked with creating and/or maintaining style guides (at least if you're the CSS-y kind of front-end developer).
  • Have experience in automated testing / continuous integration of web apps
  • Know how to measure and optimize high performance user interfaces.
  • Aspire to step up, down and/or sideways in the stack, from usability testing and design to core business logic and machine learning.

either way you should …

  • Be fluent in English as working language
  • Enjoy working as part of a team.
  • Write testable, understandable and sustainable code.
  • Be motivated by creating software that creates real value and makes a difference.

We can offer you...

  • to be part of a young, fast-growing Norwegian tech company
  • a flexible workplace with a high level of responsibility and autonomy for the tasks you work on
  • a downtown office, located next to the Central Station in Oslo

For questions regarding the position or the company, please contact Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby ( CTO or Siv Monika Lilleng ( HR director.

Deadline to apply: September 30th.